Air Duct Cleaning

Air Ducts Cleaning

Air Ducts Cleaning

It's getting hot outside, and your air conditioner is about to shift into high gear if it hasn't already!

 The cooling system of your home would work better with frequent maintenance, much like your car or any big appliance, and air duct cleaning is just one of the services to consider to ensure the durability of your entire HVAC system.

Your home's HVAC system gets filthy with normal daily usage, despite regularly replacing filters, and sadly, your air ducts are a popular hiding place for residual dust, dirt, and allergens. The dust and dirt are filled with contaminants and air pollutants that can not only affect the quality of your indoor air but can also make it more difficult for your system to function. Not only does this increase your energy expenses, but it can also shorten your system's lifetime dramatically.

1) Mold

Although we all know how dust can affect our health negatively, mold is an entirely different ball game! It can not only exacerbate allergies and breathing issues, it can also spread around your home easily.

Condensation can develop in your heating and cooling system, leading to the growth of mold in your ductwork (especially if you are living in a humid climate). You can spot mold around your vent covers, but sadly, many parts of your heating and cooling system are not easily visible, so it is particularly difficult to visually detect mold in your air ducts. Nevertheless, although mold can be hard to see, it typically emerges in the form of a musty odor.

It's important to take action quickly to maintain the indoor air quality of your home if you have mold in your air ducts. An air duct cleaning technician will be able to detect any mold problems and fix them, and also help avoid their return. You should also take extra precautions against excess moisture in your house, in addition to duct cleaning. By installing an entire-home dehumidifier or optimizing your thermostat settings, you can do so. Bear in mind that mold growth will recur if the conditions causing the mold growth in the first place are not corrected.

2) Dust

No matter how much you scrub, is your home dusty? Although dusting is not a pleasant job, from time to time, it's something we all have to do. If you find that almost immediately after you put away your cleaning supplies, any flat surface in your home is covered with dust, you probably need to get your ducts cleaned!

In the air ducts, even the cleanest homes may have dirt, dust, pet dander, and all manner of dangerous pollutants remaining. Every time the HVAC system kicks on, you can also find dust coming out of the vents! Take a look around your house at the air source and return vents. Visibly dirty or dusty are they? If so, remove the vent cover and/or filter carefully and take a look at the ductwork. Is there dust covering the metal? If you see dust and dirt both inside and outside, your ducts most likely need to be cleaned, particularly through the vents that blow cool air out.

Make sure you periodically replace air filters in your HVAC system to avoid potential dust accumulation. Also, you can run an air purifier. In your HVAC system, both filters and air purifiers operate to catch a number of airborne particles before they penetrate the ductwork, such as dust, cigarette smoke, and bacteria.

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