Fire Damage

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire isn't something any family wants to deal with, but if you ever run into this type of crisis, it is beneficial to know a little bit about the restoration process.

There are a few different measures that will promote the process of reconstruction and each is important for your family to get back up after a fire on their feet.


Talking to the insurance agent is the first step. The vast majority of insurance companies owned by homeowners have provisions that can help bring you in touch with a repair company and help you pay for the operation. This will make sure that for the best price you will get the best business.


Secondly, first and foremost, a repair company will be working to drain the water from the building. Leaving water for a long period of time in a home will end up developing molds that can make the home much less livable. Depending on how much water has been pumped into the home to stop the fire, water removal will take a couple of hours to a few days.


In situations where the house is a complete loss, no action will be taken and the insurance provider will move to assist with levelling the house. The second step is to clear up debris; debris cleaning helps the repair company to get an even closer look at what damage has been done so that they can start assessing an action plan to decide what can be preserved and what must be disposed of.

Trinity Restoration will use an ozone system to eliminate the scent of smoke after debris is removed, and will continue to clean the walls and floors to ensure that the scent of smoke is gone. The building is the next step; most repair businesses will work with the homeowner to develop a plan for rehabilitation to get your home back on track.

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