Trauma And Crime Scene Cleanup

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup

You need professional, respectful resources that you can count on if a crime or traumatic accident has happened at your home or business. The attention of qualified experts is needed for biohazards, crime scenes, trauma, and death cleanup. We find joy in not only cleaning but repairing your home or company to its original condition at Trinity Water Restoration Services.

 The category of trauma scene cleanup involves any circumstance involving biohazard cleanup (body fluids) or hazardous material disposal at a home or company.

Particular examples include:

  • Crime scene cleanup, including chemical decontamination, such as tear gas,
  • Cleanup and decontamination of suicide, murder, and accidental death scenes
  • Cleanup of drug/ meth lab
  • Cleanup of hoarding and animal infestation, including the elimination of odor and garbage.
  • Blood cleanup and airborne pathogens
  • Cleanup of emergency vehicles, installations, and services
  • Cleanup of jail cells
  • Decontamination of infectious diseases, bacterial and microbial sites
  • Body fluids and clean-up of tissues

These circumstances are also delicate and emotional for the professionals at Trinity Water Restoration Services to understand. For any and all forms of traumatic incidents, our local specialists are specially qualified to provide skilled, compassionate services. Contact our trauma scene and death cleanup team, a team you can trust in the most respectful, competent way to do the job well.


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